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Question: Is 89tax.com selling tax services or are they selling tax software?

Answer: 89tax.com provides tax preparation services to our customers and we do not sell software. At 89tax.com, the customers provide copies of their tax documentation and our tax professionals prepare the Federal, State, and Local tax forms and then e-file those forms to ensure you get your refunds quickly.

Question: How can 89tax.com prepare and e-file taxes for such a low price?

Answer: As you probably already know, 89tax.com is an online tax service and therefore has not had to invest in “brick and mortar” offices. Our customers provide their documentation to 89tax.com from the comfort of their homes (no need to drive to a tax office) and we the professionals at 89tax.com prepare and e-file their taxes.

Question: How do we know 89tax.com will do a good job on my taxes?

Answer: The tax professionals at 89tax.com use the same tax software to prepare returns (tax slayer pro web) as do many other professional tax offices. This software is maintained by tax slayer to ensure it is up to date with the latest changes in IRS tax code. Also, the tax returns are all reviewed by our tax audit staff at 89tax.com before completion to ensure they are mistake free.

Question: Is my taxpayer data safe at 89tax.com?

Answer: The taxpayer data is sent to 89tax.com through systems designed and operated by Tax Slayer and their web-based systems. These mobile applications are protected by a variety of security related technologies including, but not limited to, multi factor authentication, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption, access controls and alerts.

Question: Why don’t other companies offer similar online tax preparation?

Answer: There are other companies that offer similar tax preparation services, but they charge premium prices ($200 and higher). At 89tax.com, we strive to offer the best level of service without gouging our customers. We are comfortable with our pricing and believe our customers agree.

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